Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing is an essential part of your hearing management program.

Our goal is to make your occupational hearing test, otherwise known as an audiometric test, easy and efficient to save your company time and money.

Our onsite audiometric test includes:​​

  • ​Professional insulated mobile testing facility including a CSA certified sound booth  and state of the art audiometric testing equipment
  • Daily equipment calibration following OHS guidelines
  • Friendly certified technicians performing either one, two or three tests at once.
  • Test results reviewed with worker and convenient card size copy provided ​
  • ​Brief counsel with worker on hearing protection used to support your hearing conservation program
  • Test results in BC filed with Worksafe BC
  • ​Comprehensive and easy to understand report of test results provided for your records and analysis of your hearing conservation program
  • ​Schedule of worker's test included in reports
  • Results kept on file for 30 years
  • Annual pre booking so that you don't have to worry about calling us. We'll call you!
  • ​Flexible testing times to accommodate your workplace hours at no added costot


Our onsite testing facility


Professional Testing Facility

Our onsite testing facility offers a professional space that welcomes your workers. Our roomy, temperature controlled units are divided for a quiet and timely testing experience.


Comfortable Sound Booths

Our tests are conducted in a spacious, CSA approved sound booth to ensure the quietest testing environment possible. 

Our onsite facilities have one or two booths to accommodate your workplace needs. 


High Volume

With our two booth testing facility, we can provide an efficient day of testing. Ask us about our fleet of testing units to accommodate your workplace needs.

Do you need an industrial hearing test?


How Loud Is Your Workplace.....

  • Carpenter/Framer 91 dB
  • Welder 92 dB
  • Autobody Technician 90 dB
  • Mechanic/Tire Installer 87 dB
  • Chop Saw 102 dB
  • Forklift Operator 87 dB
  • Table Saw 93 dB
  • Millwright 91 dB
  • Equipment Operator 91 dB
  • Electrician 89 dB


OHS Code Occupational Exposure Limits For Noise Exposure

Exposure levels dBA           Exposure Duration

  • 82                                          16  Hours
  • 83                                          12  Hours, 41 Minutes
  • 84                                          10  Hours, 4 Minutes
  • 85                                            8 Hours
  • 88                                            4 Hours
  • 91                                            2 Hours 
  • 97                                         30 Minutes
  • 100                                       15 Minutes
  • 103                                        8  Minutes
  • 106                                        4  Minutes
  • 109                                        2  Minutes
  • 112                                      56  Seconds
  • 115 and greater               0

The above data shows the maximum time a worker can be exposed to noise and different noise levels without hearing protection before damages occures

Did You Know

"If a noise exposure assessment confirms that workers are exposed to excess noise at the work site, the employer must develop and implement a noise management program. The noise management program must include audiometric testing..."
-Worksafe Alberta 2009