Custom Ear Plugs & More

Custom ear plugs brought to your workers

Why are custom molded ear defenders the best hearing protection?

  • Workers are more likely to wear hearing protection if the fit is comfortable
  • Custom molded ear plugs offer superior protection. Ear defenders not only meet CSA standards, but surpass them
  • Ear defenders are more hygienic than disposable protection because they aren't being taken out and put back in multiple times during a shift
  • Custom ear plugs can last up to 4 years and offer significant savings. The average cost of disposable hearing protection in one year is $135 per worker. Custom ear plugs can pay for themselves in as little as one year

We offer many custom protection options including

  • Solid for class A protection
  • ​Filtered for class b protection allowing easier communication
  • Communication molds 


What do our Custom Ear Defenders include?

  • Choice of a permanent cord, detachable cord or handle
  • ​Storage pouch to keep defender clean and safe
  • ​60 right fit guarantee and a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship
  • ​Ear defenders are made of high grade medical silicone offering an extremely comfortable fit
  • ​We come onsite to take custom impressions of the worker's ear and deliver the finished ear defender to your workplace
  • ​Metal detectable option at no added cost

Tips and Tricks

Visit our tips and tricks page for more information on how to wear your custom molded ear defenders.

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Did You Know

"Noise is one of the most common workplace hazards. Workers in many industries and occupations in Alberta are exposed to noise levels that are so high that their hearing can be damaged......Fortunately work-related hearing loss is preventable."
-Worksafe Alberta 2009