How to wear custom hearing protection

Wearing Your Custom Plugs

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom plugs can be very effective hearing protection when used properly. Have a look at some of our tips and tricks on removing your ear defender and wearing it comfortably.

Wrong Fit


Here's an example of a defender not sitting in the ear completely. Proper protection is not being provided and it would be uncomfortable.

Right Fit

Right way to fit custom hearing protection

Here's an example of a great fit. The defender in flush and in the ear completely, providing optimal protection and comfort.

How To NOT Remove


Your Custom Ear Defender will come with a cord. The cord is not intended to remove your ear defender with. It will wear the anchor down that attaches the cord. 

How TO Remove


Twisting or popping your ear defenders out will help maintain your custom molded plug for longer.

How TO Remove


Another great example of how to pop out your custom molded plug

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